Adventure Mine

Tours take visitors into abandoned mine

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Since you’re in Copper Country, go to a copper mine. An underground mine. An abandoned underground mine.

Actually, go into the mine where you can begin to understand what the miners experienced, especially when the guide has everyone turn the hardhat lights off. Absolute darkness.

The Adventure Mine in Greenland, Mich., offers four separate tours in an abandoned mine. For all tours, it’s strongly suggested to wear a jacket or sweatshirt – the underground temperature is 48 degrees year-round – and closed-toe shoes. You’ll get a hardhat with a headlamp on it; that will be the only light in the mine. There are no set times for most tours to start; they’re on a first-come, first-served basis.

  • Trammer’s Tour: A walking tour on rather level ground but with some loose rocks. Length of tour: 45-60 minutes. No age limits.
  • Prospector’s Tour: Covering close to three times the length of theTrammer’s Tour, this 1-hour 20-minute hike incorporates all of the Trammer’s experiences and more. Some limited maneuvering through low spots is required. Trails are rough with uneven footing. No age limits.
  • Miner’s Tour: This is for the adventuresome – rappelling down a mine shaft in total darkness and crawling through low areas and down slopes. This tour begins the same as the Prospector’s Tour, including all aspects of it, but then adds more. The tour finishes with the choice of either crossing a swing bridge or leaving by the traditional 10-foot slide. All participants are provided with harness and rappelling equipment. All guides are trained in safe ropework and provide all required instruction. Participants will possibly get muddy and wet. Anyone considering this tour must be in good physical health and able to negotiate walking on uneven and steep terrain. A light jacket, good walking shoes and long pants are recommended. Approximately three hours in length, depending on the group size. Suggested minimum age of 12 years.
  • Captain’s Tour:  This tour takes you on an extensive journey through most of the first level and second level workings of the mine. A pasty lunch underground is included. Participants must be in good physical condition, have the ability to complete training exercises, and be approved by mine staff before the start of tour. It also requires the ability to walk more than 2 miles on uneven terrain and negotiate sloped trails with loose footing. A minimum age of 13 years is strictly enforced. Maximum group size is six persons with a minimum of two participants. Tours begin at 10 a.m. Eastern time and last five-six hours. Reservations are required.

Adventure Mine has 4 miles of biking and hiking trails around the mine site that are open year round. Near the parking lot are a handful of bikes, waiting for riders. The sign posted by them reads: “Free Use Bikes: Ride here or borrow for a day or two … Return it when you’re done.” In mid-July, and only for the Miner’s Revenge Bike Race, there’s an added underground portion to the biking trail.


At A Glance

200 Adventure Ave.
Greenland Michigan 49929


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