Admission Day Monument

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Sculptor Douglas Tilden created many an iconic work for the city of San Francisco. In 1897, he brought the city the Admission Day Monument, a sculpture commissioned by then Mayor James Phelan, to celebrate the admission of California into the Union. An angel stands triumphantly atop the column (said to have been modeled after Tilden’s wife), carrying an open book which reads “September 9, 1850,” the admission day of California. Below, a miner waves a flag in his left hand while he holds a pick in his right. “The unity of our empire hands on the decision of this day,” a quote by Secretary of State W.H. Seward, is inscribed on the monument. The Admission Day Monument is part of a three-piece art set that includes the Mechanics Monument (Market at Bush) and the California Volunteers Memorial (Market at Dolores).

At A Glance

Market Street at Montgomery
San Francisco CA 94104


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