Acton Town Forest

Sometimes simple is best

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ATF is a simple place.

A moderately technical yellow main loop around 2 mi. long. A smaller blue inner loop.  And a dirt road through the center. But simple layout and lack of options can be an advantage.

This is the quintessential “after work” type ride. Stop worrying about your epic, and just get in the woods! Coming from Nagog Park Dr., Go right just before the signboard. And simply follow the yellow trail markings.  , It’s rooty and rocky, so keep your momentum up! Needless to say, you’ll probably have the energy for another loop when you get back to the entrance. 

Perhaps try the loop backwards. Or hit the blue loop. Or cruise out the other side and see what’s happening at Nara Park. I believe these are generally private events, so you’re on your own, but there IS a paved path around the lake.

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nagog park dr.
Sunrise to Sunset

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