Ace Hotel

Affordable, casual and comfortable

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Located in Portland’s West End, the Ace Hotel’s lobby is a casual hangout for those who want to slouch on the couch and take advantage of the wireless Internet, or to finish sipping their cup of fresh-brewed from neighboring Stumptown Coffee.

Ace is an immaculately clean, casual, affordable hotel. The rooms are aligned on a long hallway, with a choice between brighter-but-noisier street views, or darker-and-quieter rooms on the other side of the hall. Choose wisely since sounds from the lively neighborhood have been known to keep rocking into the wee hours.

The rooms have the building’s original woodwork and tile, and local artists have unleashed their talents on the walls themselves, or have their art installed throughout. Some rooms have turntables — with instructions on how to use them.

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At A Glance

1022 S.W. Stark St.
Rates depend on room and season

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