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There’s a pretty good range of accommodation all over Scotland: from hostels to grand world-class hotels. As you’d expect, the bigger, more popular cities have the best selection. In more remote locations, you may have to take what you can get.

The standard and most common form of mid-range accommodation is the Bed and Breakfast. This tends to range from one to half-a-dozen or so rooms in the host’s house. Most Scottish B&B’s have an equivalent status to North-American motels (whereas North American Bed Breakfasts tend to have a high-end boutique status), though of course they’re far less anonymous. Breakfast almost always means a full cooked breakfast, if
you want it, as well as cereals and toast, all of which should set you up for the best
part of the day!

Unless the point of your trip is to luxuriate in a grand hotel (see “Laird’s Lodging” category – by using that filter on the apps homepage), or socialize in a cheap and cheerful hostel, you’re probably best off making accommodation a secondary concern. Choose where you want to go first, then hunt online for a place to stay.

The quickest and usually easiest way to find accommodation in advance or even last minute is via a booking engine. This is particularly so in Edinburgh when accommodation is in short supply in peak season (Xmas/New Year & June-Aug).

Most sites also have the bonus of providing past customer ratings, but when you come to book you might want contact properties directly, which should save you around 5–10% on the price.

Booking Engines with good Scottish Coverage:



Scottishaccommodationindex.com Useful directory with no booking engine, but simple and effective if you’re happy to call.

Keeping prices up-to-date is hard, as is providing prices to enable accurate side-by-side comparisons between entries, so bear that in mind when viewing prices in this guide.

The yardstick for accommodation (quoted beside each entry) is cheapest rate for two in high-season.

Where accommodation and restaurants co-exist in a single entry, one or the other price is used, depending on what feels like it is the greater attraction. In time these entries will be split up.

All quoted prices include sales tax.

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