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If you’re reading this, maybe you’re wondering about my credentials. I’m just some words on a website- why trust yourself to my directions out in the woods? Wouldn’t that be foolish? Here’s just a few things to put your mind at ease…

*I have a Masters degree. I have a lot of experience researching things.

*I’ve been riding a MTB since 1993. In fact before that, since I worked at a bike shop and got to test ride bikes that customers were having fixed, along with the mechanics’ bikes. That’s like… a long time.

*…And before THAT, I rode BMX bikes from 1983-1989. Sometimes in the woods.

*I’ve traveled all over the USA, England, Scotland, and the Netherlands.

*…but I also really ride at these places, and I know that often things aren’t as easy as they can appear on a map. I find these things out for my own good, then pass them along to you. 

And that may, in the end, be the best reason to listen to me. Just a few days ago, I went out and got myself a little lost in one of these parks. Riding home in the dark, feeling a tiny bit panicked. I know what that feels like, and believe me, I want that experience to be worth something! … by passing on to you what it taught me (always take a map).

Feel free to follow my actual rides on Strava at Robkristoff.

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