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First things first: how do you use this thing?

Rule #1: Play with it; click anything and everything. You can’t break it, and you can’t really get lost. It’s way more sophisticated than meets the eye at first glance. (The main screen is kinda boring — simply an alpha sorted list of entries… Don’t stop there!)

Rule #2: In the upper left corner, click
“everything’ and a scroll bar will drop down with sortable
categories/filters. Scroll to select “hotel” (for instance) and click
“apply” and only places to sleep will show up. Or click “hotel” and
then choose “distance” or “cost” or “parish” across the horizontal bar just beneath it,
and click “apply.” => And the places to stay will show up as the
ones nearest you, or cheapest to most expensive, or by town (depending
on which method of sorting you chose.) Voila. You are beginning to
unleash it’s potential.

Other ways to access info:Across the very bottom, click Photos and
then in the upper left choose a filter/category AND click either the
‘person’ icon or 9-square icon. Tap on a photo that intrigues you, and
then click the blue hyperlink which takes you to that entry.

Across the very bottom, click Map and do the same. Pinch to enlarge the map. Click on an icon near you to get to that entry (or get directions).

Across the very bottom, click Comments to ask me a general question or suggest something to include. I’m diligent about responding to all users. To make a comment about a specific entry, click the bubble icon on the bottom of the screen.When I’ve had a chance to respond, my answers will appear under the specific entry you addressed or under the general listings.

**It’s way more easy to do than read about — but we all learn differently, don’t we….

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