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With its 8 million tourists a year, you can bet that Branson has lots of places to feed them all. Compared to many US destinations, dining in Branson is relatively inexpensive, especially at its many mom-and-pop diners and cafes. But there are romantic splurges as well, meaning that there are many options to satisfy a wide variety of tastes, budgets and impulses.

That being said, the majority of Branson’s restaurants are heavy on the meats, especially steaks and barbecue, as well as local favorites like fried catfish, chicken fried steak, local trout and, for breakfast, biscuits and gravy. Be aware, too, that portions are generous. It’s hard to diet when you’re in Branson. To save money, you might keep your eye open for brochures, maps and magazines with coupons for various restaurants, generally of the “buy one get one half-price” variety

Finally, city slickers will find that people eat dinner early in Branson. Many restaurants roll up the carpet by 7 or 8pm, mostly because everyone wants to eat and then get on to an evening show. Note, too, that many restaurants may close or have limited hours during the slow months of January and February.

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