A Vilavella

A tiny town with a big surprise.

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As you pass through A Vilavella, a small town of 220, you’ll notice the language changes. That’s because you are now in Galicia, where they speak Galego (guy AY goh), a sort of Spanish/Portuguese mix. “Calles,” or streets, are now “Rúas.” And there are lots of words with an ‘x’ in them.

A Vilavella is home to a church and the Ermita de la Virgen de Loreto. Most amazingly, it’s also home to the posh Vilavella Hotel & Spa, which also contains a restaurant. If you’re in need of a little TLC, this is the place to get some.

Fun Fact

Some 2.4 million people speak Galego, mainly residents of Galicia. In Galicia, both Galego and Spanish are official languages.

A Vilavella is 491.1 mi (790.4 km) from Sevilla and 134.8 mi (216.9 km) from Santiago.

This town offers the following services: bar-restaurants, lodging

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