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This boutique hotel is located right in the heart of Westport’s nightlife. However, free shuttle service is offered to the Plaza and the Power & Light District, among other locations. Buy the baseball or football package, and you’ll have free shuttle service to the Truman Sports Complex.

And the weekend morning breakfast is one of the best in the city, we’re told.

But what really makes the 816 Hotel a lot of fun is the 20 themed rooms of the 106 available at the hotel.

Room 404 tells the story of the Negro National Leagues, the baseball league that was formed in Kansas City and is immortalized at the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum in the 18th & Vine Historic District. A mural of the team lines the wall and baseball décor accents the rest of the room.

Sports fans will also enjoy the UMKC Kangaroos room. It comes complete with basketball goal and nerf ball, and a kangaroo bouncing playfully along the wall. But here’s the cool thing:  a student at the Kansas City Art Institute in the 1930s drew the first kangaroo mascot logo. His name was Walt Disney and a copy of that original drawing is on the wall of this special room.

More animals come to life in the room sponsored by the Kansas City Zoo.  It’s filled with penguins and curtains and other decor of the room reflect the icy environment in which most penguins are most comfortable. It’s the only room in the hotel with bunk beds – perfect for families visiting the zoo during their visit to KC.

There are rooms dedicated to the American Royal and Kansas City’s great barbecue heritage. Another room shares the city’s Irish heritage with a bit of “Kelly’s Cash” to be spent at Kelly’s Westport Inn, located in the oldest building in KC. And an unpleasant part of KC history was the time when gangsters and organized crime ruled the streets. FBI Wanted posters, Tommy guns, and even a chalk outline of a body on the carpet are highlights of that room.

TWA was a huge presence in Kansas City during the glory days of aviation and in this room you’ll lounge around in comfy MD-80 seats – yes, they used to be comfortable. There’s a beverage cart for a night stand and how fun is this – an inflatable life vest in the bathroom. Two tickets to the museum come with the room.

Whatever your passion – from WWI history to sports to jazz to beer and coffee – there’s a room at the 816 Hotel that tells a story about it and the history of Kansas City at the same time.

At A Glance

801 Westport Road
Kansas City Missouri 64111
(816) 931-1000

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