75 Mile Beach

A beach, a highway, a fishing ground

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The long stretch of 75 Mile Beach, on Fraser Island’s east coast, gives access to some of the island’s most beautiful landscapes and visited attractions, including the wreck of the SS Maheno, Rainbow Gorge, Eli Creek, the Champagne Pools, and Indian Head. 

This beach – and yes, it really is 75 miles long – is also a gazetted highway and a aircraft landing strip, with 4WD vehicles sharing the sand with wandering tourists, small planes and fishermen. It’s a place to keep your wits about you.

It’s also somewhere that you should not swim – or at least not in the ocean. This part of the Pacific is wild and rough, and home to a lot of sharks! Stick to Eli Creek and Champagne Pools.
Take the timber walking track and steps to reach Champagne Pools, at the northern end of the beach. These pools are a very popular swimming spot; the ocean crashing and foaming over the volcanic rocks into shallow pools with sandy bottoms.

As you drive north along the beach, Indian Head looms in the distance. It is just south of Champagne Pools and provides one of the best views of Fraser Island’s beaches. On clear days you can see manta rays, sharks, dolphins and turtles swimming and hunting in the water below, and its a perfect spot for whale watching during the migration season.

Driving on 75 Mile Beach is not as easy as it looks and care must be taken. Check tide times so you don’t get stranded, keep to the 80kph speed limit – and remember to always give way to planes!

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