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Welcome to infinite possibilities: That’s Bindu.

Our name is derived from ancient Sanskrit, and it roughly translates to “infinite possibilities.” It sums up our guiding principles at Bindu Trips. We help you sort through infinite travel possibilities with our expertly curated trips. And we celebrate the infinite possibilities that come from experiencing travel, exploring places and meeting people on the road.

At Bindu Trips we save you time and money. We get you to the fun part faster.

What’s the problem?

A vast and confusing array of choices can be the bane of travelers. How do you sort through endless possibilities? Your smartphone’s GPS can get you anywhere, but then what? How do you find the best that Boston, Belize or Bejing has to offer?

Bindu is the solution.

No worries. Bindu helps you sift through overwhelming, unfiltered information about places great and small. Our mission is to make it easy for you to explore your infinite possibilities, to find experiences that will delight you and to offer trips tailor-made to your interests, budgets and desires. Our seasoned travelers have scoped it out for you. They’ve gone there, and done that.

Bindu is building a travel hub for every imaginable escape, from foodie tours and adventure excursions to historic explorations and tropical getaways – and more. We’ve assembled an army of acclaimed travel guide authors and experts – a force of 175 and growing – who are sharing their favorite trips, hotspots and secret escapes from around the world. Soak them up. Share the discoveries. Or craft your own one-of-a-kind vacay.

Find it, build it, book it – right here at Bindu, where infinite possibilities are harnessed for great travel. And by the time you finish your first Bindu trip, a whole new set of trips and itineraries will tempt you, because we never stop exploring and then crafting perfect trips. That’s the thing about infinite possibilities… they are, well, infinite.

Who are we? The Bindu team:

Bindu authors are inquisitive, independent, authoritative, passionate, playful and always willing to share their best tips and places. They lead you to amazing surf breaks, family-friendly holidays and memorable food and wine adventures. We are based in the San Francisco Bay area, but our team lives and works around the world.

Our authors hail from the pillars of the travel industry: National Geographic, Lonely Planet, Rough Guide, Moon, Frommers, Fodors, Countryman Press, and the mobile app company Sutro Media, as well as Travel and Leisure, Conde Nast Traveler and many other national magazines, newspapers, websites and book publishers.

Our authors’ destination specialties and interests run deep. Bindu gives them the space and place to express their voices and share their expertise about destinations they love.

Our back story

Bindu is the brainchild of Kim Grant, a writer, photographer and entrepreneur for whom the words “see the world” are a true passion, if not a compulsion. Kim has authored more than 45 travel guides, commissioned more than 150 travel books as an acquisitions editor and launched more than 500 mobile travel apps.

Kim first hit the road as a junior at Mount Holyoke College, taking a year off from studying economics, politics and English to roam the lower 48 states. Right after graduation, she began researching and writing “The Best Places to Stay in New England,” then took off for Europe to live on $10 a day for two years. She’s been traveling ever since, sharing favorite finds with readers and friends who sought advice, insider trips and travel tips – from Maui to Morocco.

Sharing beloved trips with fellow travelers – and seeing how much they loved the results – planted the seeds for Bindu. With shrinking print and bookstore travel sections, Kim imagined an online meeting place brimming with great photographs and smart advice, where travelers could save time, money and frustration. No fuss, no muss.

Bindu. What’s next?

This growing startup, years in the making, is the realization of a team of global travel experts. Trips crisscross the world, with more added all the time. Join us for daily conversations with savvy and adventurous travelers.

Take your time exploring Bindu, finding what you love. We hope you’ll then share your suggestions about where we should go next and what else you’d like to see.

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We are Bindu. For you.

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