York: a Visit to the Minster

A walk through 250 years of art and craftpersons' skills

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A visit to the spectacular cathedral which is York Minster can be an overwhelming experience, especially if you try to take it in all in one go. After all, it took over 250 years to build, and restoration continues almost non-stop. However, this itinerary takes you on a walk of exploration round the building and points out its main features.

Tip Your admission ticket is valid for a full 12 months, so if you hold on to it, you will be able to take a break and pace yourself. If you have time, spread your tour over more than one session

(Don’t forget to take a walk round the outside of the Minster before or after this itinerary.)

At the start of your tour, have a look at this plan of the the building, which will show you its main parts and their names. (Don’t forget that, if you prefer a guided tour in a group, this is included in your admission ticket.)

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There is a link at the end of each section of this itinerary. There you will find more information about that part of the minster. At the end of that page you will find a link back here and the next section.

Section 1
Visitors normally enter at the South door. Turn left and walk to the main west door.  Stand next to the windows to the large West door to view THE NAVE.

Section 2
Having walked up the nave towards the altar, stop at the crossing with the transepts. This is THE CENTRAL TOWER.

Section 3
Move left and stop to view the areas north and south of the tower. These are THE TRANSEPTS.

Section 4
Now walk towards the Five Sisters window and through the passage into THE CHAPTER HOUSE.

Section 5
Leave the Chapter House and turn left along the transepts and through the central entrance into THE CHOIR.

Section 6
Continuing round the outside of the choir, you will come the steps leading down to the crypt on the south side. This now houses a new audiovisual exhibition of the minster’s history “York Minster Revealed”. This is THE UNDERCROFT.

ALLOW about 2 hours for this complete tour.

Tip After this basic tour, you can add on the climb up to the roof, with its views of the city.

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