St. Louis: When You’re Totally Crazy for Sports

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Be sure to wear Cardinal red or St. Louis blue

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Discover St. Louis for sports lovers. To say that the blood of people in St. Louis runs red is both a biological and sociological fact. The people of St. Louis love their Cardinals.

5 things to see, do and experience in St. Louis if you are crazy for sports (like locals are)

Busch Stadium. Even if you visit in the off season or a day when the Birds are on the road, tours of Busch Stadium throughout the year offer great insight to the fever that hits this city on opening day. And it’s a fabulous stadium with unobstructed views of the St. Louis Arch from almost any seat. Fireworks over the Arch after a home run or winning game is a site to remember.

Cardinals Hall of Fame & Museum. Located on the second level of the Ballpark Village, just across the street from Busch, this is a place that baseball fans of any stripe will appreciate, unless you’re a Cubs fan. You’ll first learn how the Cardinals Nation was born and why fans are so passionate for so many generations here. You’ll see the original construction paper cut-out of a red bird sitting on a bat that became the logo and can actually swing a bat held by several legendary hitters, including the revered Stan Musial.

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Hall of Fame Place. It’s just a small street in the Italian neighborhood known as The Hill, but it’s where Yogi Berra and Joe DiMaggio grew up and played the game as children out in the street. Legendary broadcaster Jack Buck also called this street home.

The St. Louis Blues. After baseball, St. Louisans are hockey fans, so seeing a Blues game is a must. Or watch the team practice at the Ice Zone in Hazelwood.

Sports Hall of Fame. This is a small, but significant museum inside the Scott Trade Center, where the St. Louis Blues play. In addition to some important items for Cardinals fans, like one of Ozzie Smith’s 13 Golden Gloves or one of Lou Brock’s stolen bases, fans of other sports will see the St. Louis Rams Super Bowl Trophy, Jackie Joyner-Kersey’s Olympic uniform and the putter Bob Goalby used to win the Masters Tournament in 1968.

Tip: Don’t plan on anyone in St. Louis getting too excited about pro football. They gave up on that when the Rams left town and ooh, everyone is still pretty sore about it. If you want to talk football, you better bring up the University Missouri Tigers, members of the SEC.

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