Seville Tapas Tour

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Sample the foodie delights of the city's neighborhood bars

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This walking tour takes you to a few of my favorite Seville tapas bars – perfect for a fun and pretty cheap night out. I wouldn’t recommend doing this tour on a Sunday as quite a number of places tend to close on Sunday evenings.

Start early for Seville – say 9pm – before places get too busy. Most bars are open daily, few take credit cards so have some cash handy.

If you want to do the whole tour you probably won’t need to eat more than one tapa in each bar. This is very common. Locals often go bar hop – sampling a favourite dish in each place. The following five places make a nice walk and take in some of my favourite locales in the evenings.

I’ve made a point of choosing places that track a nice middle ground between being untouristy and offering great food without being too difficult to manage if you don’t speak Spanish.

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#1: Enrique Becerra
Enrique is an institution. His food is excellent. A good one to start at as it gets very busy. Eat at the bar downstairs for just tapas. Close by and often even busier you might manage to squeeze into La Azotea. The food is fantastic – but it’s really hard to get a table!

#2: Casa Morales
One of the most lovely atmospheric bars in the city. Food here is good but not exceptional – the atmosphere and surroundings more than make up for this. If you’ve already visited Morales, just around the other side of the cathedral and even more boisterous and busy is another great local tapas joint Las Colomnas.

#3: Bar Europa
You’ll get top notch food here, it’s one of my favourites. If you sit outside you sometimes have to work hard to get a waiter’s attention. If you ended up at Las Colomnas rather than Morales you could head for Bar Estrella next as it’s an easy walk – and miss out stop #4.

#4: Bar Alfalfa
A classic local joint, this place is tiny and boisterous. Great fun. Pay careful attention to your map when you leave here to find the final stop. It’s not far but the streets are a bit confusing.

#5: El Rinconcillo
THE place to visit for tapas in Seville because allegedly it’s the place where tapas were invented. It’s on the tourist trail, but still feels very authentic. The perfect place to end a long evening of drinking and dining -that’s assuming you even make it this far!

Don’t forget to read my Tapas Tasting Tips where you’ll find some history and some handy hints too!


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