Savannah: Girl Scouts to Ghosts

Photo by Mary Ellen Thompson

Low, and Behold -- Savannah off Drayton

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Eat, be entertained and educated while touring this part of Savannah along and near Drayton Street.

If you’re inclined to breakfast, try J. Christopher on Liberty Street; start at 9ish to enjoy a leisurely meal. Choose from the Healthy Starts menu because you’ll probably indulge lunch. After breakfast walk down Abercorn Street to Lafayette Square.

Savannah: Home of Girl Scouts

Tour the Andrew Low House. Andrew Low was once the wealthiest man in Savannah and father-in-law to Girl Scouts founder, Juliette Gordon Low. Behind the house take a peek at the Girl Scout First Headquarters and gift shop.

Head down Drayton Street to the Juliette Gordon Low Birthplace on Oglethorpe Avenue to continue learning about the founding of the Girl Scouts. After touring the house-museum, it’s time for lunch.

Go back up Drayton Street to Liberty Street to Hitch, where you can eat yourself silly. The food combinations are practically works of art.

Savannah: Home of Ghosts

Switch gears to tour the historic Sorrel-Weed House and its ghosts. You might even return at night for a ghost tour.

The next logical place to visit is the closest cemetery, Colonial Park Cemetery. Established in 1750, it has a most unusual history. Read the tombstones lined up against the wall, and take note of altered dates.

Savannah: After a Day Touring

Ghosts, graves, Girl Scouts; walking, talking, thinking and observing … a busy day calls for a drink. Order a soda, pint of beer, or glass of wine in the pleasant and pub-like McDonough’s Restaurant and Lounge on Drayton Street. (Arrive before 7 pm on a weekday for happy hour.) If you’re not headed home for dinner, enjoy their delicious food.

Sweet dreams; no ghosts allowed.

Photo by Mary Ellen Thompson

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