Philippines Beaches for Backpackers

Dream destination for diving and island hopping

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If you’re looking to backpack your way through some of the best beaches in the Philippines then this is the trip for you. It’s a journey that includes diving spots and solitary beaches and, while the backpacking trip starts and ends with flights, for the rest of the way your primary mode of transportation would be either bus or boat. We suggest about 10 days for this trip but we can almost guarantee that you’ll want to stay for longer!

Start your trip with a flight from Manila to Puerto Princessa

We suggest spending a day in Puerto Princessa to take in the surrounding countryside. Then another to enjoy a bit of island hopping and snorkelling in the nearby Honda Bay.

Hop on a bus to Port Barton

From Puerto Princessa, you can get on a bus and head to Port Barton, another laidback, beachside town with good snorkelling and hidden coves offshore.

Continue north to El Nido

El Nido is the seaside town that sits between limestone cliffs and the breathtakingly picturesque Bacuit Archipelago. You may have been told that it’s similar to Halong Bay in Thailand, but that could not be further from the truth. The Bacuit Archipelago often leaves travellers stunned by how serene and undisturbed it is. Take the time to play pretend castaway on a solitary beach or swim in hidden lagoons, and marvel at rocky landscapes. Ask a local about Secret Beach. It’s a mostly-unknown beach accessible only through a hole in a limestone cliff. It’s guaranteed to be an experience you’ll be bragging about to your friends back home.

Take a boat to Coron Town

From El Nido, hop on a boat and make your way through a beautiful maze of islands to Coron Town on Busuanga Island. Wreck diving enthusiasts will find some of the best wreck dives in the world here. There are at least 10 Japanese warships for you to wriggle your way through and explore.

Head to Coron Island

Then hop on a boat and head to Coron Island. A 10 minute climb up a steep hill will take you to the refreshing, crystal clear waters of Lake Kayangan. The view from the lake is also sure to leave you breathless.

Back to Coron Island to leave for Manila

And when you’re ready to end your trip, head back to Busuanga to catch a ferry or flight back to Manila.

Itinerary compliments of Tourism Philippines.

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