Perfect Day in Pilsen

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Toast one of the Czech Republic's capitals of beer and culture

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In Pilsen, you can fully enjoy not only the local beer, but also the beauty of majestic architecture and the atmosphere of the cultural events that await you in the city. Come see for yourself why Pilsen is considered the capital of beer and worthy of the title ‘European Capital of Culture’ for the year 2015.

Beer, Breweries & Spas in Pilsen

Pilsen (Plzen in Czech) is one of the few cities which you can not just visit but also experience with your taste buds. Beer has been brewed here since the Middle Ages, but the city’s real claim to fame is somewhat younger. The local lager, known as Pils or Pilsner, has been brewed in Pilsen for the past 170 years, during which time its fame has spread throughout the world. Come to Pilsen and see for yourself that the brewing tradition here is alive and well!

Set off on a journey to discover the sparkling golden treasure of Pilsen. Taste the world-famous Pilsner lager, which was first made more than 170 years ago by the brew-master Josef Groll. Due to distinctive raw materials, the quality of the local spring water and a unique brewing process, the result was spectacular. He created a beer which the world had never tasted before.

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The high-quality bottom-fermented lager with its golden colour and crisp, delicious flavour was a hit not only in the Czech lands but throughout the world. By 1853 it was served in 35 Prague pubs, in 1856 it became available in Vienna, and in 1862 it was being offered even in Paris. The Pilsen Meštanský Brewery (today’s Pilsner Urquell) was visited twice by Emperor Franz Joseph I. On both occasions he raised his sparkling glass goblet to Pilsner and praised its uniqueness: “It is indeed surprising that no brewery has yet been able to replicate the characteristic and delicious flavour of Pilsner beer,” the emperor is said to have proclaimed.

By the end of the 19th century Pilsner lager had penetrated America, Africa and the Middle East. If you are a beer connoisseur, you will also certainly want to sample the special beers made by the city’s new microbreweries. And if you want to completely immerse yourself in the beneficial qualities of beer, you can soak in it at a beer spa.

Performing Arts, Architecture & Culture in Pilsen

Marvel at the singular design and 21st-century technology of Pilsen’s New Theatre. The unusual architecture of the New Theatre draws attention mainly because of its distinctive façade, which is intended to evoke a decorative stage curtain. Once you see the façade you will understand why the locals have nicknamed it ‘Swiss cheese.’

The intriguing design of the façade beckons you to enter the building and discover what’s behind the curtain. Pilsen’s newest theatre, in addition to its characteristic appearance, boasts the most modern stage technology in the Czech Republic. It has a revolving platform with a diameter of 11 meters that can be moved to different parts of the stage, as well as computer-controlled rigging and hydraulic platforms.

This itinerary is compliments of Czech Tourism.

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