Perfect Day in Dresden

A mix of must-see baroque and vibrant scene quarter

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A walk through the historic centre – the baroque Dresden.  We are starting at the Zwinger, the must-see masterpiece of the baroque era, but we will stay outside (unless it rains: then a visit of the Old Masters Picture Gallery (Gemäldegalerie Alte Meister) is the best choice. Standing on the Theatre Square the camera will run hot taking pictures of the Semper Opera House on the left and the Cathedral on the right…

On our way from the (Catholic) Cathedral to the (Protestant) Church of Our Lady (Frauenkirche) we pass the 101 metre (334 ft) long Procession of Princes (Fürstenzug) with its tiles made of Meissen porcelain.

There are only a few meters to the Albertinum which houses the New Masters Gallery (Galerie Neue Meister) and the Sculpture Collection (Skulpturensammlung). Nearby is the Synagogue, a very modern interpretation (completed in 2001) of the form of the first Israelite temples. Walking back on Brühl’s Terrace closes the walk nearly where we began.

There are a lot of restaurants in Old Town, especially near the Frauenkirche (Church of Our Lady) – but this one is unique: not at the River Elbe, but on it. The Kahnaletto offers Italian food and wines – salute!

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Cross Dresden on Augustus Bridge and say “Hi!” to Dresden Neustadt, the New Town. It’s not that new, as you will notice as soon as you reach the Golden Horseman (Goldener Reiter) that is located at New Town market since 1736. Going back to the Elbe you can enjoy the view of the Old Town like famous painter Canaletto did. Pass the Japanese Palace (if interested or on a rainy day: it’s the home of an Ethnological Museum) and stroll along Königstraße (attention: good for shopping 😉 !) From the tower of the Dreikönigskirche Church you have an excellent overview of what you saw and you will see…

The quarter behind Albertplatz is dating from the Foundation period and one of the most vivid in Germany – with over 250 pubs and restaurants and many specialised shops. Just stroll around, you won’t get lost. You should visit the Art Courtyard Passage (Kunsthof Passage) and finish at “the most beautiful dairy shop in the world” (Guinness Book of Records), Pfunds Dairy.


Dresden Neustadt is full of bars and restaurants – one of the best is the Raskolnikoff. Mainly regional food, but (to honour the figure that gave the name) some very inspired blini, a Russian speciality, too. An alternative (or do it like we do it: after dinner) for wine lovers is the Weinzentrale, Dresden’s hottest place for wine lovers. As an alternative in the Art Courtyard Passage I can recommend the restaurant lila Soße (purple sauce) – strange name, but a place to go and enjoy!

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