Odisha by the Sea: Golden Shores and Coastal Pleasures

Photo by Patrick Horton (Chandrabagha)

Discover fishing villages, night beach markets and delicious seafood

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Camel rides, spectacular sunsets  and fishing villages are some of the seaside attractions of Odisha, India. Find beach night markets and seafood stalls on the wide beach at Puri. Odia cooking is quite light and fresh with an emphasis on vegetables – here on the coast deliciously spiced seafood is a main attraction, of course.

Odisha by the Sea: Chandrabagha beach

Just a short distance from the Sun Temple at Konark this beach is known for its astonishing sunsets as well as the cultural activities that are held here, especially the week-long Chandrabagha Mela, held in February, every year. Occasionally there are camel rides along the beach. If you have never tasted the refreshing juice from a green coconut then now’s your chance from one of the several stalls.

Chandrabagha. Odisha
Chandrabagha (Photo by Patrick Horton)

Odisha by the Sea: Gopalpur-on-Sea

This seaside town is a favourite with Bengali holidaymakers. It’s quiet and peaceful, compared to Puri and Rushikulya Beach  with its annual olive ridley turtle nesting is nearby. There’s a fishing port to visit, and maybe get a ride, and overlooking the town is a lighthouse. You can climb to the top for a small charge and enjoy the view and the mobile phone reception.

Gopalpur, Odisha
Gopalpur (Photo by Patrick Horton)

Odisha by the Sea: Puri Beach

Puri is no palm-shaded paradise – the beach is wide, shelves quickly, is shadeless but it is the seaside. It is not ideal for swimming. Long stretches of beach are taken up by market stalls which come alive at night and there are plenty of stalls and restaurants selling seafood. There are also sand sculptures to marvel at.

Odisha by the Sea: Chandipur

Quieter than Puri, more refined and interesting than Gopalpur, this delightful seaside village wanders down to the ocean through palm trees. Chandipur has a huge beach at low tide when the sea is some 5km away; swim here when there’s enough water. Travel just a little further up the coast to visit the busy fishing village and watch the boats on the beach unloading their catch.

Fishing village, Odisha by the Sea
Fishing village (Photo by Patrick Horton)


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