Niagara on Ice: 5 Reasons To Go in Winter

See Niagara before the ice melts

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No one should pass up a chance to see Niagara on ice. Niagara Falls is wrapped in white in winter, and you have to see it!

Here are 5 great reasons to head for the Falls to see this world wonder in a whole new way.

1. An Icy Dazzle for your eyes: The Falls are always beautiful to look at, a magnificent natural wonder, but the window to see this icy spectacle is a short one, and it doesn’t occur every year. The water of the Falls was stopped entirely only once, in March, 1848, when an ice jam blocked the flow of water, and people were actually able to walk out onto the Falls. If it is cold enough for long enough (as it is right now), the mist and spray from the Falls freezes in astounding shapes, sometimes forming an ice bridge over the Falls. It’s spectacular in sunlight, even more gorgeous at night when the lights colour the ice formations. The Winter Festival of Lights runs until January 31st. It’s a rare sight, one not to be missed if you have the chance to grab a quick visit.

2. You won’t have any trouble getting a hotel or restaurant reservation: For most of the year, hotels and restaurants are so busy in Niagara that you have to make arrangements well ahead of time. Not so in January! Most of the hotels, even the fallsview ones, like the Sheraton Fallsview, have vacancies. You can also find a free table in the most popular dining spots, like Windows by Jamie Kennedy.

3. It’s bargain season! There is no better time to find a bargain on a hotel room than in January. The Sterling Inn and Spa, a sweet boutique hotel, has rooms for $140 US, including breakfast in your room.

4.Parking? No Problem: A visit to Niagara Falls usually means a long search for parking near the Falls. Not so now! It’s much easier when it’s cold outside.

5. Icewine! Chilly Ontario winters contribute to the world’s best Icewine, and Niagara Falls celebrates that at the Niagara Falls Icewine Festival, running from January 26and 27. It’s a great way to keep warm.

BONUS — Instagram gold: You, the ice formations, the winter light: it will break the internet.

The Falls on ice: see it before it melts.

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