Myrtle Beach Fine Dining

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Best local choices especially for dinner in Myrtle Beach

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Myrtle Beach fine dining is easy to find, as the Myrtle Beach area boasts more than 1500 restaurants. The variety and quality of choices will usually please visitors.

Author recommendations and local favorites can lead new visitors in the right direction for the finest of fine dining. These are locally owned and removed from any chains or franchise choices found in other cities.

Many of the best restaurants only serve dinner. While children are welcome, these are preferred choices for the ambiance of a leisurely meal. Think about candlelight and a good bottle of wine to treat yourself while on vacation.

Seafood is predominant.  The coastal waters provide a fresh and varied supply daily. Beef, pork, chicken, vegetables and fruits also are likely to be locally sourced from nearby farms.

Good old fashioned Southern cooking is the most prevalent American style here. However, don’t expect only the stereotypical fried food. Chefs are sophisticated and present lovely varieties of the tried and true.

If you plan your own itinerary for a long weekend or a week’s vacation or just visit for business or a casual trip, don’t stop at the big brash buffets on the main route. Be selective for the best dining.

Myrtle Beach Fine Dining: 3 Dinners in Little River

Brentwood’s French chef puts creative touches on Southern dishes. The setting in an old house is an architectural interest in itself.  Nearby, Chianti South serves outstanding Italian seafood and pasta. Also, a huge wine list is sure to please. Nearby, in the immediate area, diners enjoy The Parsons Table.  The chef works with sustainable, organic suppliers locally and nationwide.

North Myrtle Beach Fine Dining: 3 Evenings

SeaBlue shows off a hip urban style. U.S. Open Table in 2014 named it the top restaurant in the entire country. The wine bar offers anything you could imagine from a taste to a fine bottle. 21 Main at North Beach is an elegant setting for sushi, steaks or seafood. Greg Norman’s Australian Grille delivers the best water view. Select from Australian or many other fine quality wines.  Enjoy Australian preparation on a few entrees and upscale presentations.

Central Myrtle Beach Fine Dining: 3 Dinners

Diners recognize Thoroughbred’s as a favorite steakhouse with select beef and veal.  Taste fresh local seafood in an upscale dining room or casual bar area. Collector’s Café features an ever changing and impressive art exhibit. The art is a backdrop for fine cuisine with Mediterranean tastes and fresh desserts. New York Prime serves the biggest USDA prime aged steaks, jumbo shrimp or choice lobster. This is a typical steakhouse proud of steep prices reflecting high quality cuisine.

Fine Dining South of Myrtle Beach: 2 Evenings

Wicked Tuna is one of the favorite spots at the south end of the Marsh Walk. Also, Frank’s  serves a large variety of tastings, small plates or chophouse favorites. Choose the indoor bistro or outdoor covered dining. Also, wood fired pizza is a favorite with seating around the outdoor fire pit.


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