Myrtle Beach Day Trips Beyond the Beach

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Drive north or south of Myrtle Beach for history and more

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From Myrtle Beach you can choose from several good day trips. Myrtle Beach winter visits are special treats for couples or groups who don’t even like the beach. Oceanfront accommodations are available at off-season rates, and the sunrise or sunset views over the quiet beach are unmatched. History buffs, those considering relocating, planning an extended stay or traveling throughout the coastal area of the southeast United States will enjoy trips beyond the beach.

These day trips are nice year-round, but usually are not of interest to the typical family beach lovers arriving for time in the summer sun and sand.

Myrtle Beach Day Trip 1: Conway

Conway is a short day trip off the beach. History buffs or seniors who might think of relocating to an affordable site love it. Find a few great restaurants and bars, such as Crafty Rooster with its varied beer selections and creative menu. Watch for seasonal festivals, a mid-December holiday parade or a sidewalk sale which all reflect the small town life.

Myrtle Beach Day Trip 2: Georgetown

Georgetown is less than an hour south of Myrtle Beach. This historic river town is a mill town and site of a redeveloping shopping and dining culture. Museums showcase impressive architecture and antiques. Festivals and special events are recommended times to visit here.

Visit Hobcaw Barony for another valuable history tour on the return drive from Georgetown.

Myrtle Beach Day Trip 3: Charleston

Charleston is about a two-hour drive south from Myrtle Beach. The fabulous historic city is well worth a day trip. You’ll want to return for more than a day. Churches and architecture are among the many reasons to visit Charleston.

Approaching Charleston through Mt. Pleasant, the seasonal produce and sweetgrass basket stands on U.S. 17  lend a daily showcase of the African American cultural tradition. Only in the market in Charleston and a few shops or art shows in South Carolina towns can these handcrafted wares be found.

Take a downtown exit to Meeting Street and stop at the Visitor Center to arrange a tour. Horse drawn carriage tours provide narrated looks at the mansions and family stories hidden behind centuries-old iron gates. The city is known for its wealthy settlers and its key role in the African American experience in this country. Hop off the tour and browse through the museum, churches, shops, galleries and restaurants. It’s a walking town, a college town, a food and wine town as well as a historic treasure.

Myrtle Beach Day Trip 4: Wilmington

The historic river town of Wilmington, NC, just north of Brunswick County, is a nice visit. It’s about an hour away from North Myrtle Beach. Wilmington offers eclectic browsing and shopping plus interesting dining along its scenic riverwalk. It’s also a college town where the varying ages and cultures combine and generate an artsy mix. Live music and performing arts reflect the town’s personality.

Just before crossing the bridge into Wilmington, the Battleship North Carolina is a history buff’s delight.

Myrtle Beach Day Trip: North Carolina Offers More Choices

Guests who really don’t want beach time can easily fill another day or more with visits to a few more small towns. Veer off the main route about an hour’s drive north of North Myrtle Beach. Then check out some favorite North Carolina choices well worth a look.

Ocean Isle offers a working winery with tastings, art exhibits and special events. Also, a museum, great outdoor festivals, fishing and other water sports are popular. It’s slightly off the beaten path offering a nice choice for getting out of the mainstream.

Sunset Beach is a small village with a short walk to the tiny Bird Island. Lunch choices, art galleries and cute boutiques beckon visitors.

Myrtle Beach day trips beyond the beach are plentiful. Find a paradise for any interest.

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