Maldives Island Hopping

Photo by Simon Clancy

Snorkelling, diving and local culture

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Most visitors come especially for the privacy of the upscale, individual island resorts, leaving only for diving and snorkelling trips or sunset cruises. But, while you could spend all your time on or around your own gorgeous island resort, Maldives tourism invites you to explore a little further for the bigger picture.

” …There is no better place on earth than the Maldives for island hopping. The 1190 or so coral islands in the archipelago are used for varying purposes – some are inhabited by locals, others are resort or industrial islands while many are uninhabited and pristine.

Resort, liveaboard and guest house operators organise island excursions for guests to interact with the locals and learn about the distinct culture of the Maldives. Some islands are home to avid craftsmen and talented artisans, others offer traditional music and dance routines to welcome visitors.

The industrial islands are an insight into the world-class fish factories of the Maldives, specialising in processing fish for export and, of course, stopping off to admire the typical flora and fauna of the uninhabited islands and a snorkelling in their crystal clear lagoons is a highlight of any trip”.

The islands of the Maldives aren’t known for independent travel but this has opened up since 2009 when local people were allowed to open guesthouses. Now budget travellers can fly in to Male and catch a local ferry to low-key guesthouse accommodation without the luxury price-tag.



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