Indiana’s Cave Trail

Adventurous and easy spelunking in Indiana

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The rolling hills of southern Indiana, dotted with caves, are a spelunker’s dream. The soluble rock, once it meets water whether in the form of heavy rains or rivers, turns the land under the hills into a complex system of passageways, attracting cave aficionados. There are a world of caves right below your feet.

More than 2,600 caves exist beneath these heavily wooded lands, all within a small wedge-shaped area of Indiana. But many caves are accessible only to serious cavers, those willing to crawl on their stomachs through dark, wet and narrow passages. Fortunately, some caves are easy to explore while remaining upright.

Caves to Explore in Indiana

Each cave has a distinct personality and beauty; each is vastly different from another — from Squire Boone Caverns (with cascades of falling water and boat rides) to Blue Springs Cavern, Indiana Caverns, Wyandotte Caves and Twin Caves Boat Tour in Spring Mill State Park to Marengo (with vast chambers and an underground lake).

Explore them all on an ultimate underground road trip. And be sure to enjoy above-ground activities as well — take a limestone quarry tour at the Pioneer Village in Spring Mill State Park; taste persimmon pudding at the annual Persimmon Festival in Mitchell; walk the Williams Covered Bridge.

Along the way, don’t miss Corydon, Indiana’s first state capitol and the site of Indiana’s only Civil War battle (which occurred when John Hunt Morgan and his Raiders crossed the Ohio River). And do stop at beautiful Leavenworth, perched high above the Ohio River.

Wine and artisan brew lovers should visit Turtle Run, Scout Mountain, Best, Carousel as well as Salt Creek and Point Blank Brewery.

The winding road, following the course of the Ohio River and then traverse inland, through small villages and wooded terrain. Even above ground, it’s a pretty trip through the best of Southern Indiana and all it has to offer.

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