Charleston 24-hour Seafood Binge

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A day in seafood heaven in Charleston, South Carolina

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Nothing says heaven like a 24-hour seafood binge in Charleston. And why not? This charming little city is a maze of waterways. There are creeks, rivers and of course the Atlantic Ocean. This is a city with four James Beard Foundation award-winning chefs and a culinary reputation rivaling New York and New Orleans. Succulent blue crabs, tangy oysters, plump shrimp and lots of fish: from grouper and snapper to less known wreckfish, triggerfish and amberjack. So delicious, so abundant, the real question is where to start. Well, how about breakfast?

Mosey on down to the Marina Variety Store restaurant. This little unassuming spot is a great way to start off your Charleston day. Slide into a booth overlooking the impressive Ashley River Marina and order yourself the Shrimp, Alligator and Grits breakfast. Looking for something a bit more elegant? How about a lush garden courtyard? The Palmetto Cafe serves up the incredible Palmetto Omelet, stuffed with fresh lump crabmeat, lobster knuckles, mozzarella cheese and spring onion. Can you say Charleston seafood breakfast heaven?

Charleston Lunchtime: Seafood Binge

It’s lunchtime. That’s right. You’ve had a few hours to explore Charleston and now its time to eat. After all, this is a seafood binge. If you’re thinking of something light, head over to Poogans Porch, for a cup or bowl of Chef Issac’s She Crab Soup. And don’t forget to try the Fried Green Tomatoes and a Sweet Tea to go with it. My goodness ya’ll, how Charleston can you get? Of course if you are looking for something a bit more substantial, 167 Raw is a seafood wonderland. Try the hearty Sea Scallop Po’ boy or packed to the gills Shrimp Taco.

Charleston Happy Hour: More Seafood

Had your afternoon siesta or shopped till you dropped? Well guess what? It’s happy hour. One of the best happy hour spots in Charleston is at the O-Bar, where a dozen of the plumpest, happy hour oysters will have you asking yourself, “Should I order another?” But hey, it’s happy hour, so you still have time to get to Pearlz, for their Peel and Eat Shrimp or Grilled Mahi Taco. Don’t forget to try a local craft beer during your happy hour seafood adventure.

Charleston Dinner: Did Someone Say Seafood?

Well dang, it’s dinnertime already. How about something ORDINARY. Or not so ordinary as the case may be. This refurbished bank building will take your breath away. The interior is stunning and the seafood fabulous. The Lobster Cocktail and Jumbo Lump Blue Crab Louis are a great choice at the raw bar. Everything here is mouth watering and sure to please.  The Darling Oyster Bar is the place to be. Hit the raw bar for the Seafood Plateau, a cornucopia of shrimp, oysters, king crab and clams. For more traditional fare the Fry Baskets are huge and tasty. And don’t forget the Shrimp and Grits. Just about every restaurant in Charleston has their take on this long time staple in Lowcountry kitchens.

After Dinner in Charleston: Oysters Galore

Dinner over? Heading out for some local music or a romantic stroll? Wind down your evening with a nightcap favorite, the Oyster Shooter. Rappahannock plops their plump oyster in special vodka, infused in-house, with celery and carrot. If you’re looking for a bit more zest try Amen Street’s oyster shooter. It’s spicy lemon-pepper vodka, a fresh raw oyster and a dash of their original Bloody Mary mix.

Proud of yourself? Your Charleston seafood binge is complete.


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