Improve Your Smile: International Dentistry in Cambodia

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An alternative face of travel - dental tourism

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International standard dentistry is available in Cambodia.  The work is provided by highly trained local and western professionals, making this is a top country for dental treatment at a fraction of costs billed at home. Critical is where to find high quality counsel, cleaning, teeth whitening, crowns and implants . There are quality dental clinics in Siem ReapIDC (International Dental Clinic), which has been operating for 20 years. It also has a practice in Phnom Penh. Pachem, has a branch of its multi-practice dental group in Siem Reap as does Master Dental Clinic. So if you can make some extra time on your travels to have work undertaken on your smile, go for it.  Here is an itinerary to Cambodia’s best dental practices :

By reputation, Phnom Penh has the best dentists in Cambodia. Pachem has four clinics and is the largest dental group in the city.  It features western-trained Cambodian and foreign dentists and enjoys a solid reputation with clean rooms and international standards.  Expect about US$40 for a check up, x-rays plus scale and clean.

For insiders however, the three most popular dental clinics are in Phnom Penh: the Roomchang Dental Hospital on Street 184, K’s Dental Clinic on the 1st floor of the Aeon Mall, and Malis Dental Clinic on the 13th floor of the Phnom Penh Tower, Street 93.  Each practice is easily located by remarque (tuk-tuk). Details are found on their respective web sites and Facebook pages. Appointments and inquiries can be made by email internationally and are dealt with courteously and efficiently. The savings made on quality dental care in Cambodia could pay for a holiday.

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Dental Tourism in Cambodia: Day 1

Make an appointment and have a checkup at Roomchang.  This is the cleanest dental practice you can find and on par with the very best on offer in Singapore or Bangkok.  Service here is highly efficient and best practice.  You will receive high levels of advice and gain a summation of the treatments needed and prices.  You can either begin the work that day or, as is recommended, you can think about your options.  An initial consultation here is complimentary.  Popular among the NGO expat community and participants in dental tourism where your flights, accommodation, appointments and follow up work can be organised by Roomchang or its agents.

Dental Tourism in Cambodia: Day 2

Try Malis Dental Clinic for the same review of your dental needs.  Gaining a second opinion will provide you with a clearer picture of what is needed and the costs involved in achieving your dental goals. Dr Motomi Minemura, Japanese educated and trained, is one of Asia’s best dentists.  Also working here is Dr Lim Chhun Sreng, a Cambodian dentist considered by Dr Motomi as one of the country’s leading younger dentists.

The Malis Dental Clinic is modern and efficient.  Assistant staff here are warm and friendly.  They have all worked here for some time adding to the Clinic’s reputation as reliable and professional.  Clients of the practice are long term.  They are often expats and NGO staff and their families.

You are now equiped to make a considered decision on your treatment and the dentist you like best to complete the work.  You will find the work highly professional and available at costs your friends back home can only dream about.

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