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#WeLoveWeHo: The best Instagram places in West Hollywood

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We came, we saw, we snapped, we posted in West Hollywood, California. And with those four little actions, a bigger identity was created (or at least projected). Self-expression rules in WeHo – with or without the help of a selfie stick. The best Instagram places in West Hollywood could be fairly subjective. But we’ll give it a shot. (Pun intended.)

Some of the places we share socially are instantly recognizable to all, while others deliberately signal to an inside crowd. Look, I’m here in West Hollywood, IRL. Straight up and naked or filtered through a badass Instagram trick, life looks better in welcoming WeHo.

Ranking WeHo’s top spots for selfies is too personal. So here they are, in alpha order: the best Instagram places in West Hollywood.

Best Instagram Places in West Hollywood

Alfred Coffee (@alfred … 8428 Melrose Ave.)
As they say, “But first, coffee” while first-time patrons say, “But first, selfie.” Whether it’s the triangular black-and-white tile or the macha or the avocado and toast, there’s a cool-factor here that’s on par with its alley location next to Soul Cycle. Yeah, the one where David Beckham and others work out.

Cycle House (@cyclehousela … 8511 Melrose Ave.)
Take a spin (class) and then strike a pose in the alley (preferably in a piece of athleisure apparel by Cycle House) with a sweaty glow that says, “I came, I rode, I clicked, therefore I am.” That and the buff abs and pecs are testimony enough to being alive.

EP & LP (@eplosangeles … 603 North La Cienega Blvd.)
This deservedly acclaimed duo is known for a few things: its “Young and Free” neon sign that screams selfie even for mathematically middle-aged peeps; its rooftop happy hours and evening noshing and a pink ‘Where Love Lives” neon sign; and its cool, self-described modern Asian eating house vibe.

Gracias Madre (@gmweho … 8905 Melrose Ave.)
It’s always a good day to say Thanks Mom, a place that celebrates organic Mexican food and the people who grow, cook and serve it. You can’t capture the spirit of the place in pixels, but you can sure try – with sun glinting off their boozy snow cones or popsicles or with naturally stylized dishes that almost look too good to eat. Please, though, do eat while it’s hot. The best Instagram places do not equate with cold food.

Hollywood sign (Griffith Park)
Newsflash (not): the Hollywood sign is the single most iconic backdrop in the area. And practically no one is “above it” – that is, being photographed here. A boatload of images are taken from a fair distance away at the Griffith Observatory. But Bikes and Hikes gets you up close and personal while a drone captures the view for your group.

Maxfield (@maxfieldla … 8825 Melrose Ave.)
Ohhh, how rich and textured and nuanced the palette of grey concrete on those … cement monkeys. Yup, the courtyard entrance of this avant-garde boutique and one-off gallery is playfully guarded by duo of primitively styled primates. They are almost as famous what’s inside.

Paul Smith’s Pink Wall (#paulsmithpinkwall … 8221 Melrose Ave.)
L.A. and West Hollywood are full of brightly colored murals, but there’s nothing quite as simple and arresting as the Bazooka bubble gum pink box that wraps this retail location of Paul Smith, offering men’s classic fashion with a twist. Ya think? It makes Barnett Newman’s color fields and Mark Rothko’s abstract expressionism look downright dour.

West Hollywood selfies
Photo by: Corey Harmon

RETNA Mural (@ironeyeretna … 8826 Melrose Ave.)
On the wall outside of Craig’s, a pricey all American resto favored by celebs in the Design District, this mural gives rise to the existential question: If a backdrop was seen and not photographed, did it ever exist? Street artist RETNA never had to ask that question since he’s been creating his distinctive typography on the streets of L.A. since he was a teenager.

The Abbey (@theabbeyweho … 692 N Robertson Blvd.)
The crown jewel of WeHo’s gay clubbing scene is the place to be seen with gorgeous go-go dancers, buff boyz and boozy bartenders. Cocktails are as chill as the music is hot. You’ll be forgiven if you hand your camera to friend to take a better-perspective “selfie” … which then begs the eternal question: is that actually a selfie?

Skybar at the Mondrian (8440 Sunset Blvd.)
Day drinking rarely looks as fun as it does at the Skybar, where partying poolside also means partying inside the pool. Come dusk, as candles and lantern start flickering, catch a flick while lounging poolside. Come evening catch a poolside band. No matter the time of day, city views are unparalleled from this ivy-covered pavilion.

West Hollywood City Hall Selfie Wall (#WeLoveWeHo …8500 Melrose Ave.)
Looking for a selfie passport stamp like the Welcome to Las Vegas sign or the South Rim of the Grand Canyon? WeHo has its own version: the City installed a rainbow tile graphic showing the city’s tiny size and boundaries. The exterior wall is part of a micro-park project that provides passers-by a place to gather, snap and post. You’re welcome. No, thank you … for posting. Go forth, share, like, conquer.

Add a link to your own best Instagram places in West Hollywood — in the comments below.

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