Itinerary Pitch

Travel planning is the bane of a traveler’s existence. Our trusted, hand-crafted itineraries provide a Holy Grail solution. We see valuable synergy between what you and we offer.

I would like to introduce you to Bindu Trips, with 1000 DIY travel itineraries by 150 professional travel writers. We take the pain out of planning. Longer and more frequent trips ensue. Happiness and gratitude flow.

I believe that your acquisition and utilization of our site would unlock enormous value to your readers/users, clients, advertisers.

Contextual data is King.

Travel data (i.e. hotel, restaurant reviews) by itself isn’t particularly valuable. What *is* valuable is data within a context, points of interest knitted together to create cohesive day, weekend and week-long getaways.

Bindu Trips is a marketing machine with content supplied by longtime and local experts who inspire and encourage travelers to go away, often.

Deceptively simple design.
Insanely effective in just one click.

1.) Say you want to go to the Southwest, but that’s all you know. On a single page you may access our top 42 Southwestern itineraries (go for it!), the Southwest’s 12 best destinations (reached via thumbnail pix), and an introduction to and background information for the Southwest. Decide better and faster with more confidence. 

2.) Or you long for the mountains. We’ve written 173 national park itineraries around the world. Personalize and narrow it down: US West + on a budget + for couples + in the summer + for a weekend… and voila, 24 fit your specific criteria — with one click!

Do it with all 19 ‘interest’ buckets! Make sense of the world, easily.

3.) Start your global daydreaming here.
Narrow it down to Asian destinations.
Or narrow it down to Caribbean itineraries.

4.) California dreaming but don’t know north from south? Unravel it on one page with one click to 30 destinations and 75 itineraries…. Already settled on Vegas? Get there quickly.


— Bindu Trips is the NerdWallet for travel. NerdWallet was built on the back of strong editorial content and is now selling products and services. Bindu has content you can monetize.

— Bindu Trips is the StitchFix for travel. StitchFix combines stylists with a recommendation engine. We have ‘stylists’ and an an engine that you can amplify.

Scaling and accelerating top-notch growth

Bindu Trips has — or can create in short order — turn-key content for everything and everyplace. Because of my 30-year editorial career, I bet that I’m professionally connected more travel content producers than any other person on the planet. In other words, I can secure A-lister-created content specifically for your demographics with one keystroke.


Bindu Trips works at both ends of a traveler’s decision-making funnel by offering inspiration and a plan for one-click action. Both lead to spending money, platform stickiness and helping the customer from A to Z.

Each piece of content is a direct funnel to a point of sale. Each itinerary is a lead magnet directing users one step closer to booking a trip. With our advanced filtering system for region, season, price, length of trip and group size, there are tens of thousands of lead funnel combinations.

Why now? Why you?

Bindu Trips has grown beyond what I can do alone. We hope you can see that it’s an impressive asset and turn-key-ready, and that you can leverage it well into the future. Bindu is, after all, a Sanskrit word meaning point containing infinite possibility. Isn’t that what we dream about for ourselves, for our travel experiences…

If what I’m saying resonates, I’d love to connect to discuss it.

Thanks for reading this far. I appreciate your time.

Kim Grant