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Italy's smallest region

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Valle d’Aosta, in the northwest, is Italy’s smallest and least populated region. It’s a mountainous region dotted with picturesque mountain villages, small rural churches, castles, and even Roman ruins. There’s lots of Baroque art and architecture, too. While most of the region is best explored by car, the city of Aosta can be reached by train.

The Valle d’Aosta is a top place to hike in summer and ski in winter. Some of Italy’s top ski resorts are in these mountains. Because it shares a border with France, French is still spoken in many towns.

Valle d’Aosta Highlights:

* Gran Paradiso National Park, Italy’s first national park, has the highest mountain peak completely within Italy. It’s a top place for a mountain vacation and has several good ski resorts as well as hiking trails.

* The Alps, shared with Switzerland and France, border Valle d’Aosta. Monte Bianco, or Mont Blanc, and the Matterhorn are two famous mountains that are partially in this region (they are also partly in France and Switzerland).

* Aosta, the main town, has Roman ruins and a small but nice historic center with a large central square ringed with historic buildings, cafes, and shops. Take the cable way up the mountain to Pila. Read more: What to See and Do in Aosta

* Fenis Castle is the most famous castle in the region and a top place to go. Also in the town of Fenis there’s a small museum of traditional crafts, Museo dell’Artigianato (MAV).

* Another top castle is Chenal Castle. Near it is the prehistoric site of Montjovet with many prehistoric petroglyphs.

* The Aosta Valley Regional Museum of Natural Science is in another beautiful castle, Saint Pierre Castle.

* Saint Vincent has one of Europe’s largest casinos and is known for its thermal spas.

* La Fiera di Sant’Orso, a huge woodcarvers fair, is held for several days at the end of January.

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