Sichuan and Guangxi

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Sichuan and Guangxi Itineraries

Sichuan and Guanxi in 7 Days

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Tours to Sichuan and Guangxi provinces reflect a different face of China. Regional Sichuan includes the spectacular scenery and wildlife of the Jiuzhai Valley National Park, home to nine Tibetan villages, blue and green lakes and wildlife such as giant pandas, Sichuan golden monkeys, takins and plants including orchids and rhododendrons. The national park is located in the Min Shan mountain range and is one of China’s special sites – visitor numbers are controlled, so tours need to be organised well-ahead with a specialist tour company.


Away from the bustle of Beijing and Shanghai, Chengdu in the south-western province of Sichuan, seems gracious and sedate with wide, tree-lined boulevards. Visitors gravitate to Jin Li Cultural Street with many bars, restaurants, tea shops and snacks available in this area preserved as a showcase of historic Chengdu for visitors on the way to the Wuhou Temple. The Wenshu Monastery is Chengdu’s oldest and largest temple originally dating back to the Tang Dynasty (618-907 AD) and featuring an eleven-story pagoda.

Local shops sell food, jewellery and silk brocade – Chengdu is also known as the Brocade city because of its long history of silk brocade weaving called Shu brocade, exported to the Middle East along the Southern Silk Road through Burma, India and Pakistan. Sichuan is also big on cuisine with Sichuan pepper, hot chilli and ginger used in many favourite dishes.

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Giant pandas and big buddhas

Must-sees nearby include Chengdu’s Giant Panda Breeding Research Base and it’s amazing to be in their home territory  in the morning when they are feeding, chewing on bamboo like flute players or contented old men with pipes.

A day trip takes you to Leshan to view the Giant Buddha hewn out of the rock face of cliffs at the meeting of the Dadu, Quingyi and Minjiang rivers. At 71m tall, this is viewed from tourist boats on the river or by the north entrance up the hill to look down at the massive head and ears. A staircase winds down the cliff-side for the intrepid.


In Guangxi province, Guilin is high on the domestic Chinese holiday list because of its vast areas of limestone karsts, spectacular pinnacles and cones viewed on a four-hour cruise down the Li River to Yangshou, buzzing with shops, stalls and restaurants. This is a favourite destination for rock-climbers and backpackers so expect it to be busy – those in need of Western food can find it here as well as well as local dishes that are milder than Chengdu and with noodles. This is a place to look for ski jackets, local hand-woven scarves and throws – barter and only buy what you consider to be a bargain.

Sichuan and Guangxi

…. Until we find local destination specialist (if that’s you, please contact us) the sample tour itinerary to Sichuan and Guangxi is one experienced by Alison Plummer with specialist operators  Wendy Wu and China Southern Airlines.

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