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As cool as it is geeky and as urban as it is outdoorsy

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From tattooed musicians to Microsoft geniuses and from the majestic Puget Sound to its lively neighborhoods, Seattle is as cool as it is geeky and as urban as it is outdoorsy. This is the metropolis of the Pacific Northwest, eco-oriented, fueled by caffeine and with a community-bound edge brought on by many cold, grey days. The sun comes out more than most expect however, and when it does, everyone comes out to enjoy its gloriousness. Most people associate Seattle with grunge, and even if that era ended 20 years ago, the plaid flannel shirts, chemical-induced creativity and cigarette smoke seem to have seeped into the city’s pores. There’s still a palpable sense of lowbrow brilliance of the likes of Curt Cobain and Eddy Vedder.

Today innovation comes more in the form of business: besides Microsoft, Seattle spawned Starbuck’s Coffee and is home to retail behemoth Amazon. Cuisine also takes pride of place thanks to the bounty of local produce such as salmon, shellfish, a bevy of berries and left of center ingredients like fiddle heads, bison and wild mushrooms.  Microbreweries may not be found in as great concentration as in Portland to the south, but there are many and they are damned good. As far as wine is concerned, you’ll be sure to find Washington’s best served all over town.

Visitors usually arrive and spend most of their time downtown, where the most well-knows sites like Pike’s Place Market, the Space Needle and the original Starbuck’s are located, but for those looking for more cutting edge dining and entertainment, it’s best to head out to neighborhoods such as trendy Ballard or Fremont.

Not a city person? Just beyond city limits are every type of outdoor activity imaginable, from whale watching in the Puget Sound to skiing on the slopes of the grand Cascade Mountains. Wine tasting, boating, amazing hiking and biking are also all day-tripping distance from the city.

If you’re just making a quick stop in Seattle check out our Seattle Perfect Day itinerary. Chances are you’ll want to stay longer next time.

Big thanks to Celeste Brash who got us started with this introduction while we search for the perfect destination specialist (if that’s you, please contact us).


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