Raleigh, Durham and Chapel Hill

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Raleigh, Durham and Chapel Hill Itineraries

Raleigh in 48 Hours

The Triangle means tech innovation, cuisine and basketball

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The dynamic Triangle region consists of three distinct destinations. The state capital of Raleigh has an ever-increasing lineup of state-sponsored museums. Durham is home to Duke University and its outstanding Medical Research facility. Chapel Hill is perhaps America’s quintessential college town. Add the high tech bustle of the Research Triangle Park and the historic charm of nearby colonial Hillsborough and you’ll find many reasons to visit.


For generations, Raleigh maintained a reputation as a somewhat sleepy Old South town, waking up only during basketball season and when the legislature was in session. That’s all changed. A vibrant nightlife and dining scene is fueled by tech-savvy young professionals, and condominium towers rise on every corner. North Carolina’s capital city has a starring position in the New South.


Let Raleigh keep its politicos and Charlotte its bankers. Durham revels in its entrepreneurs. From the day Washington Duke sold his first hand-rolled cigarette off the back of a mule wagon, Durham established a reputation for entrepreneurial energy and a willingness to change to meet economic trends. Today the city is reinventing itself again, as the site of Research Triangle Park (RTP), a special Durham tax district, and the multi-facility Duke University Medical Center. This is the heart of basketball’s famous Tobacco Road; the fast break and the zone press, invented here, transformed the game. A visit to the Duke Basketball Museum and Hall of Fame is a pilgrimage for many fans.

Most recently the innovative spirit moved into Durham’s downtown, historic home of the country’s first Black Wall Street in the post-Civil War era. Buildings that once housed tobacco and textiles are now home to offices and shops, restaurants, living spaces, art galleries and entrepreneurial incubators. Durham is recognized as the best place for start-ups in the country, and the energy carries to the culinary front, making this the foodie capital of the South.

Chapel Hill

Chapel Hill, the third city in the Triangle region, is home to the the main campus of the University of North Carolina, the oldest public university in the country. Students and alumni cling tightly to tradition here and a stroll around the campus reveals numerous landmarks that have entered university lore. Don’t miss the top flight Ackland Art Museum, the office of famous alum Charles Kuralt and the historic Morehead Planetarium, where U.S. astronauts trained for their missions to space.

Each of the Triangle’s towns has a special vibe, but for visitors looking for great food, world-class art, basketball  or a deep dive into the history of American enterprise, this region has a ton to offer.

Big thanks to Renee Wright who got us started with this introduction while we search for the perfect destination specialist (if that’s you, please contact us).

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