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A city reinventing itself

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It’s no secret Perth is far away from much of the country’s action, so we’ve made our own fun and fortune. At any time of the day or night, glimpses into inconspicuous doorways reveal bar-flies on the prowl for their next boutique brew, long stemmed bevy and tastings of WA’s fine produce.

We’re a city of proud entrepreneurs and yes, mining features highly as one of our biggest successes, but in amongst the moguls independent business owners are setting up shop in laneways, rooftops, warehouses and public urban spaces.

Carefully watching over the city hugging the Swan River and its ever-changing flock of cranes adorning the skyline, Kings Park sits steadfast and noble as one of the largest inner-city parks in the world. Meanwhile, on the other side of the rail tracks, Northbridge is considered the anti-city relishing in its grungy creativity, culture and multi-cultural cuisine.

As the city reinvents itself, tourist strips of glory emerge within the inner-city burbs at an equally rapid pace. Mount Lawley’s Beaufort Street sprawls north with clusters of eateries, bars and retail outlets appealing to its affluent neighbours. The urban communities of Leederville, Mount Hawthorn, North Perth and Maylands quietly buzz with offbeat boutiques and languid pavement dwellers.

The afternoon sea breeze, affectionately known as the Fremantle Doctor, refreshes Fremantle’s tumultuous maritime history with the fresh salty air burgeoning with buskers and bohemians. From here, it’s a short ferry ride to the car-less Rottnest Island, whose craggy bays and beaches have been the makings of many a childhood memory. Although, if you’re after postcard worthy beaches, you can pick almost any spot on our pristine coastline for a dip or a flop.

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Perth Getaway for 3 Days … Ideal year-round

Head east through the historic Guildford teeming with antiques and charm to WA’s oldest wine region the Swan Valley, which was named Australia’s First Humane Food Region for good reason.

Continue further east to the Avon Valley heaving with white water rapids during the cool months, charming villages and scrub in every shade of green and brown; not to mention Australia’s only monastic town, New Norcia.

Pick any national park and delightfully escape into their woodlands, caves, trails and waterways for adventures galore as wildlife observe humans in their playground.

An hour south of Perth, the Peel-Harvey Estuary in the Peel region is twice the size of Sydney Harbour, and is often dotted with fisherman trawling through its banks with crab nets.

Those on the hunt for WA’s famed wine, food, art and coastal playgrounds, rarely resist a delve into the Margaret River region, and beyond.

Every now and then our friends in the Eastern States gaze over in our direction and wonder what’s going on in the Wild West. The interest is often fleeting, but we’re not fussed as we resume to the task of relishing in our beautiful state.

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$$$ => Rooms $300 for a double

$ => $1-$35 per person for a meal (without alcohol, tax, tip)
$$ => $35-$80 per person for a meal (without alcohol, tax, tip)
$$$ => $80 per person for a meal (without alcohol, tax, tip)

N/A => Not applicable

$ => Tickets less than $20 per person
$$ => Tickets $20-$50 per person
$$$ => Tickets $50 per person


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