Malaysia Itineraries

Malaysia: Top Five Reasons to Visit Penang

Malaysia’s Family-Friendly Johor Bahru

Multicultural and family-friendly with diverse experiences from urban to beach resort to jungle

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There are many sides to Malaysia from the non-stop capital Kuala Lumpur (KL) to resort islands such as Penang and from the cool retreats of the Cameron Highlands to the family and shopping pleasures of regenerated Johor Bahru, linked to Singapore by a causeway. The jungle experiences of Sabah and Sarawak on the Malaysian part of Borneo are also accessible from here.

Malays, Chinese, Indian and many other peoples bring their cultures together to create the signature, much-loved cuisine while colourful festivals are a large part of life. “… Until we find the perfect destination specialist (if that’s you, please contact us), we’ve sourced two great itineraries, Family-Friendly Johor Bahru and Top Five Reasons to visit Penang, compliments of Tourism Malaysia.


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