Eastern Ontario

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Follow its rivers and canals for the best of Eastern Ontario!

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Eastern Ontario occupies a rough triangle between three cities: Montreal, Ottawa and Kingston. Montreal might be the region’s great hub, yet its location in Quebec makes it rather more distant. Instead Canada’s capital Ottawa is the region’s shining light, over Kingston, an attractive mid-sized university and military town on Lake Ontario, whose small downtown and adjacent waterfront area both have a relaxed and likeable air.

The Ottawa River Route

Much of the land between the three cities is cultivated or forested, flat, and, in truth, a little dull. Yet three routes around the region are dotted with attractions. One travels from Montreal to Ottawa alongside the Ottawa River and best followed in Quebec and so covered there.

The Saint Lawrence River Route

Another route links Montreal to Kingston by following the Saint Lawrence River, which forms the southern perimeter of the region and the US border. Here, many sights and monuments remember the important derring-do of the War of 1812 which went a long way to securing Canada’s independence from the US. But today the waters of the Saint Lawrence are peaceful and dotted with pretty islands which can be explored by scenic dives (such as at Long-Sault), by cruises, or at 1000 Islands National Park, which offers a ready gateway to pleasant beaches and relaxed canoeing.

The Rideau Canal Route

A third route connects Ottawa to Kingston along a back-road that roughly parallels the course of the Rideau Canal and offers a number of spots and pretty settlements that combine to form a much more interesting alternative to the two-hour highway journey between the two cities.

We don’t have any Eastern Ontario itineraries yet, so why not drop us a line and let us know what you’d like to see covered?


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