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Dallas: The best shopping in the country. The largest contiguous urban artist district in the United States. The biggest state fair with the largest overall attendance. The best international skyline. Wait a minute. Better than Paris? Better than Hong Kong? Whether you think Dallas has the best skyline or not, one thing is certain: this skyline is colorful and getting better all the time. Big things are happening here.

With 3,000 new residents moving into the area each month the city is evolving quickly, and that is a good thing. From its humble beginnings on the banks of the Trinity River, Dallas is now one of the largest cities in the United States and the first stop for many major sports, entertainment, and cultural attractions. Dallas and indeed the entire state of Texas has a reputation for being the biggest, the best, the first for many things. Often enough, this city lives up to its reputation.

“Whether you’re visiting with the family or your girlfriends; whether you’re here to get a taste of Dallas or experience the nostalgia of the old west, we’ve got an itinerary prepared to hit the high points during your trip, mixed with some of the hidden gems you wouldn’t otherwise find.” … To learn more, check out this website. And until we find the perfect destination specialist (if that’s you, please contact us), we’ve sourced a great itinerary from the Dallas Convention & Visitors Bureau and Penny Sadler has contributed one for families.


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