Central Ontario

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Central Ontario Itineraries

Georgian Bay’s Eastern Shores: From Barrie to Sudbury

Prince Edward County Beyond The Beaches And Dunes

Beyond the cottages of Cottage Country

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The region of low rolling hills between Toronto, Ottawa and Sudbury, can be loosely called Central Ontario, but is more often dubbed “cottage country.” This is because, rather than specific tourist attractions, it’s the region’s general natural beauty and serenity that make it perfect for those looking for a summer lakeside cabin retreat. Yet for passing visitors, two spots not to miss are Prince Edward County and Algonquin Provincial Park.

Prince Edward County

Prince Edward County, the large peninsula that juts into Lake Ontario just west of Kingston, provides a playground of gentle charms: luscious sand beaches, boating and fishing, orchards, wineries and a budding culinary and arts scene. It’s the kind of place you may visit thinking you’d stop in at a winery or two, or spend a day on the beaches at Sandbanks Provincial Park, then head home. But then, once you get a taste of the county, you’ll wish you’d planned to stay over. So it’s just as well that for many the county is easy to get to and there’s no reason you can’t return.

Algonquin Provincial Park

At the far northern end of Central Ontario lies the giant and wild Algonquin Provincial Park. The park’s 7,653 square kilometers (almost 3,000 square miles) offer a maze of lonely waterways and pristine forests, so it’s a popular spot to load up a canoe with provisions and paddle-away-from-it-all for a few days.


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