See 12 Iconic Cities Differently

Major city sights can eat up all your vacay time and money, but Bindu Trips’ writers know their own backyards and have itineraries to help you see other perspectives. Get inspired!

Curated by Editor Alison Plummer

Rome, Italy

By travel writer Martha Bakerjian

Angels and Demons Rome Itinerary

London, England

By travel writer Emily Laurence Baker

London Icons from the Number 11 Bus

Zagreb, Croatia

By travel writer Stefica Nicol Bikes

In the Belly of Zagreb

Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

By Sara Benson

Las Vegas Off the Beaten Path

Miami, Florida, USA

By travel writer Gretchen Schmidt

Miami’s Wynwood Neighborhood

Portland, Oregon, USA

By travel writer Deston Nokes

Slacker’s Charm in Portland’s Old Town/ Chinatown

Montreal, Canada

By travel writer Christian Williams

Montreal in 3 Days

Hong Kong

By travel writer Beth Reiber

Hong Kong Off the Beaten Path in the New Territories

Bangkok, Thailand

By travel writer Dave Stamboulis

Bangkok Off the Beaten Path

Hanoi, Vietnam

By travel writer Ron Emmons

Visit Uncle Ho and Friends in West Hanoi

Al Ain, UAE, Middle East

By travel writer Gavin Thomas

Al Ain in 1 Day

Delhi, India

By travel writer Patrick Horton

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