Top 10 Epic North American Road Trips: Wheels on Fire or What?

Take control of few days of your life, get behind the wheel, and create memories with these epic North American road trips. Go the distance on coastal drives, drop into bucolic country settings, and journey through superbly beautiful wine regions. Buckle up with Bindu Trips’ writers for some of the rides of a lifetime.

Curated by Editor Alison Plummer


Big Sur, California Central Coast

By travel writer Cheryl Crabtree

Big Sur Day Trip: Redwoods to the Sea

Columbia River Gorge, Oregon/Washington

By travel writer Elizabeth Rose

Columbia River Gorge, Driving Route 30

Maui, Hawaii

By travel writer Carol Fowler

Maui’s Road to Hana: 54 miles, 56 bridges, 617 curves


By travel writers Lois and Richard Friedland

Colorado’s Most Scenic Drives Hit the Heights

Northern California Coast

By travel writer Michele Bigley

Hug the Northern California Coast on this Awesome Road Trip

New Mexico to California

By travel writer Kim Grant

Road Trip by the Numbers: Albuquerque to Oakland

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Blue Ridge Mountains, North Carolina

By travel writer Ronnie Lovler

Western North Carolina’s Scenic Highway 64 Drive

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Alberta and Canadian Rocky Mountains, Canada

By travel writer Christian Williams

The Ultimate Canadian Rocky Mountain Road Trip

Nova Scotia

By travel writer Dale Dunlop

Acadians And Celts Along Cape Breton’s Cabot Trail

Vancouver, British  Columbia

By travel writer Chris McBeath

Vancouver to Whistler: A Classic Road Trip from Sea to Sky

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