8 Favorite Unexpected Regions to Explore in Europe

Go your own way beyond Europe’s beaten paths to less-visited regions offering laid-back travels,  cultural experiences, hiking, biking, sailing, driving and, of course, local produce.  Some destinations are close to big cities, others take a little time and effort to reach. 

Curated by Editor Alison Plummer

Basilicata, Italy

By travel writer Martha Bakerjian

Matera and Craco in 48 Hours

Kvarner, Croatia

By travel writer Stefica Nicol Bikes

Kvarner Coastal Hopping

Ticino & Valais, Switzerland

By travel writer Paul Shawcross

Driving Tour of Ticino & Valais

South Burgundy, France

By travel writer Jeff Steiner

South Burgundy

The West Midlands, England

By travel writer Alison Plummer

Great Days Out around Stratford-upon-Avon and the West Midlands

Northern Spain

By travel writer Beebe Bahrami

Camino del Norte

The Western Isles, Scotland

By travel writer Christian Williams

Scotland’s Outer Isles

Albania, Southern Balkans

By travel writer Elizabeth Gowing


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