Get Wild & Wet in the West

The Western USA and Canada experienced a fantastic winter with an epic snowpack. As the warm spring sun melts the abundant snow, it’s time to plan a trip into the wilderness to witness this season’s epic waters tumble down waterfalls and down roaring rivers and creeks to the ocean. Hike, raft or just gaze at nature’s grandeur. Get started with these select itineraries to inspire your wild and wonderful trip. Learn more here.

Perfect Places to Fall for the Fall

Fall in love with Fall all over again. Bring on the season’s spectacular colors in the U.S and Canada. Take to the woods with these inspirational itinerary plans from fortunate Bindu Trips authors. Leaves turn outside their front doors and these trips are your invitation to join them. Learn more here.

Life is Too Short to Drink Bad Wine: Curated Itineraries to Top Wine Regions

These DIY itineraries by longtime travel writers — who’ve been there and tasted that — will save you from sips that are less than stellar. Follow their advice to stay and play in the vineyards of the world’s top grape growing regions. Taste top drops at primo cellar doors. Enjoy local produce and fine food that go hand-in-hand with fine wines. Between tastings? Find art and craft galleries, scenic leisurely drives, vineyard B&B’s and boutique hotels. Learn more here.

Luxury Travel Escapes Within Reach

Luxury comes on many levels. Glamorous resorts, pared-back simplicity. City, coast or country. It’s easy enough to buy top end travel anywhere in the world, but these Bindu authors have dug a little deeper for luxurious experiences with a difference, within reach. Learn more here.

7 Ways and Places to Experience the Great Outdoors

Outdoors and adventure trips and weekends are waiting around the corner, often in your own backyard. Be inspired to get up and go with these itineraries around the USA – day trips, drives, hikes and adventuring in the wild, rafting and zip lining. Learn more here.

Top 10 Epic North American Road Trips: Wheels on Fire or What?

Take control of few days of your life, get behind the wheel, and create memories with these epic North American road trips. Go the distance on coastal drives, drop into bucolic country settings, and journey through superbly beautiful wine regions. Buckle up with Bindu Trips’ writers for some of the rides of a lifetime. Learn more here.

Travel like Royalty with These Top Budget Itineraries

It’s not hard to travel well on a budget when you have great tips and hints from insiders who have been there and done that. Bindu travel writers, experts in their regions, share itineraries to help you enjoy yourself like royalty, even in some posh places. Learn more here.

12 Top Waterfront Escapes and Travel Experiences

When you long to be near the water but not in it (dealing with a sandy swimsuit), head to the waterfront. Grab a refreshing summertime cocktail of urban pleasure with a dash of water sports. Think sailing and shopping, culture and cafes, outdoor bars and seafood eateries. These diverse collection of 12 itineraries save you the hassle of travel planning. Grab one and go. Learn more here.

See 12 Iconic Cities Differently

Big ticket city sights can easily eat up all your vacay time, but Bindu Trips’ writers know their own backyards and have itineraries to help you look around from other perspectives. Get inspired with these DIY itineraries. 

8 Favorite Unexpected Regions to Explore in Europe

Go your own way beyond Europe’s beaten paths to less-visited regions offering laid-back travels,  cultural experiences, hiking, biking, sailing, driving and, of course, local produce.  Some destinations are close to big cities, others take a little time and effort to reach. Learn where here.

Travel the Distance for These 5 Top Food Experiences

It’s closer than you think. Tickling your taste buds and embracing regional produce when traveling is easy – when you know where to look. Start with these Bindu Trips itineraries to foodie trails and local specialities in the U.S., Caribbean and Italy. Learn more here.

15 Family Friendly Destinations and Fun Trip Ideas

There are loads of factors involved in family travel from where to go to what there really is to do when you get there. These inspirations from Bindu Trips’ travel writers to help you plan a family vacation, take a weekend trip or find your way around some of the big family attractions. Learn more here.

7 Places to Indulge Your Senses

Join the crowd, go off-grid or travel far and wide to follow your passion. Sport, food, cocktails, craft beer, nightlife, clubbing, art, stunning countryside, fast cars and even star-gazing. Itineraries by Bindu Trips travel writers cover these ideas and more in the US, Europe and beyond. Learn more here.

4 Top July 4th Destinations: Get Your History On

Discover history beyond the fireworks, parades and parties of July 4th. Follow freedom trails; experience the fringes of some of America’s most historic hotspots. Learn more here.

5 Caribbean Islands, 5 Ways

Get to the fun part faster: travel with these free itineraries

Experience the allure of the Caribbean: immerse yourself in the offbeat with free travel itineraries uncovering an eclectic mix of cultures, pristine white sand beaches, tropical rainforests and majestic mountains. Learn more here.

Christmas Destinations that “Deck-the-Halls” for the Holidays

It’s not too late to try a new experience this Christmas season!

While some people go over the river and through the woods, year after year, to spend the holidays with family, others use the season to break with tradition and apply their unused time off to squeeze in travel before the year ends. Iffy weather casts a shadow over tropical island vacations, and the popularity and traditions in big cities are often overpriced. What’s unique, easy to get to, and worth the trip?

We’ve compiled a selection of more than a dozen cities wrapped in the magic of Christmas for a travel experience that delights all the senses, while skipping all the season’s drama at home. Learn more here.