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Teresa has spent most of her life exploring the Grand Canyon state. Over the years, she's searched for abandoned mining towns in the mountains outside of Globe, rafted the Salt River, cruised Route 66, and shared cupcakes with a Hopi medicine man. But, she doesn't have to go far to find adventure. Her passion is discovering--and rediscovering--all that Phoenix and the Valley has to offer. Teresa writes about her travels at AAA Highroads, Sherman's Travel, Valley Guide, Visit Arizona, and PHX Stories for Visit Phoenix. She is also the author of two guidebooks and contributed to the latest edition of Fodor's Arizona & the Grand Canyon

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    What's your most exciting or surprising travel experience?

    To date, I’d have to say the most surprising was Milwaukee. I expect places like Chicago or Rome to be great, but not Milwaukee, and it was actually a lot of fun. I had my picture taken with the Bronze Fonz, discovered the Brandy Old Fashioned, and kayaked the Milwaukee River. Oh, and the Harley-Davidson Museum…I’m not into motorcycles, but I really enjoyed it.

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    What's the most underrated destination in your opinion?

    In the Southwest, I’d have to say the most underrated destinations are those on Native American lands. Take Canyon de Chelly, for example. It’s incredibly beautiful and has scenic overlooks like the Grand Canyon, but it doesn’t have the crowds that the Grand Canyon does because it’s more remote. Another example is Hovenweep. It’s roughly an hour from Mesa Verde National Park and has impressive Puebloan ruins but much fewer people.

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    What do you do when you encounter an unexpected dead-end?

    A dead-end is just an opportunity. For example, when I got off at the wrong metro station in Rio de Janeiro, where I couldn’t speak the language, I found myself in the middle of neighborhood park where they community was gathering to shop and watch a performance. It was probably one of the most authentic experiences I had in Brazil.

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    Who would you choose as a seatmate on a cross-continential road trip?

    If we’re talking anyone, I’d go with Melissa McCarthy’s character, Megan, in Bridesmaids. There’d never be a dull moment! But, seriously, my husband, Jerry. We make a great team!