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Stefica Nicol Bikes is a news journalist born and raised in Sydney to two Croatian parents who came to Oz in the 1960s. Stefica began traveling back to the ‘old country’ when she was four and has spent more summers along the Adriatic coast than the Pacific. Although she says she returns to Croatia to practice her language skills (she's fluent) and visit family, her real reason is the amazing food. Kvarner is one of Stefica's preferred destinations, but her favourite city is Dubrovnik, wholeheartedly agreeing with George Bernard Shaw’s remark, "those that seek paradise on earth should seek it in Dubrovnik." That said, one of the best days of her life was spent swimming on Mljet island. Working for Reuters out of the Sydney bureau, Stefica has traveled widely throughout Asia, the South Pacific, the United States and Europe.

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    What's your favorite mode of transportation? Why?

    It would have to be walking. Yes, yes, it’s a lot slower than other forms of transport but the benefits are that you slow down and really take a closer look at everything around you.

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    Have you ever been somewhere that was so bad you couldn't write about it?

    No. All those ‘bad’ places seem to turn into the best stories…like that time I walked the Great Wall of China and was staying in a little hotel at the base of the wall. Green fungus and mildew had made their permanent home in my bathroom and when I went to ask reception for some sort of bleach to clean up the tiles, a goat (yes! a live goat!) ran into the reception area and down the hall. Three hotel staff ran after the goat (which got away safely) and the rest is history…

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    Who would you choose as a seatmate on a cross-continential road trip?

    Bruce Springsteen.

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    What's the most underrated destination in your opinion?

    I’d have to say the Northumberland Coast in England. Wonderful beaches and dramatic coastline, delicious seafood, the nature reserve of the Farne Islands and more castles than any other county in England.
    It really is a spectacular place to visit.