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Penny's curiosity about foreign places and faces was apparent at an early age. In grade school, she would copy entire pages of geography textbooks into her own notebooks. She never lost her passion for learning and discovery. A (mostly) solo traveler, she has inspired many of her friends to do the same and frequently receives email from fans of her travel blog thanking her for being the catalyst boosting them to travel more. She writes for several travel websites and trade publications while maintaining her day job in the film and television industry. Penny makes her home in Dallas where she has resided for thirty years. A native Texan, she loves to show people around her city and its neighbor, Fort Worth. She's happy to help plan an itinerary anywhere in the Lone Star State.

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    What's your favorite mode of transportation? Why?

    I love train travel. It’s wonderful way to see the country you are traveling through. Driving can be great but if you’re busy watching the road you miss so much. Nothing thrills me more than walking into a train station and imagining the possibilities – all the places I could go! And it’s so much easier than flying. There’s an element of style and elegance to trains that speaks of another era.