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Melanie Ball's thirty-year career as a travel writer fell off the back of an overland expedition truck in Africa during the 1980s but her love of hiking – or bushwalking as it's called in Australia - dates back to when she toddled off into the grassy paddock behind her childhood home. Since then she's worn out several pairs of boots clocking up thousands of kilometres in big-sky deserts, dripping rainforests and wind-scoured mountain tops, across all Australia’s states and territories (and around the world). Melanie has written two books, Top Walks in Victoria and Top Walks in Australia (published by Explore Australia), and Top Walks in Tasmania will be released in October 2018.

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    What's your most exciting or surprising travel experience?

    Sunday worship in the Ethiopian highlands, in a church carved out of solid rock – with the help of angels! Tucked into the shadows of hand-hewn columns, I was mesmerised by ancient Christian rituals dating back to King Solomon and the Queen of Sheba, or so the legend goes!

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    Who would you choose as a seatmate on a cross-continential road trip?

    Bill Bryson, for his open-minded travel style and consummate story telling skill. His yarns would have me laughing so much I’d cry and time would fly so quickly I’d reach my destination way too soon.

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    What is the most important thing you've learned from traveling?

    Slow down, venture off the main drag and look through every open door and window.

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    What's the most underrated destination in your opinion?

    Outback Australia, for its age, extremes and often quirky inhabitants – human and wildlife!