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Leona is a world wanderer from the DC area currently living in Wellington, New Zealand. She likes painting portraits, hiking mountains, eating food, and taking photos. When she isn't adventuring or making art, she is slowly but surely building a career in social work. Her favorite things about traveling is booking a one-way international ticket, getting on a bus without exactly knowing where it's headed, or discovering a hole-in-the-wall restaurant that ends up serving an unforgettable meal.

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    What is the most important thing you've learned from traveling?

    When I was living in Austria, I found out last-minute that I had a surprise week off work and I booked a trip to visit a friend in Pavlodar, Kazakhstan. It may not be my wildest trip, but it was my first time to Asia, it was 30+ hours of planes, trains and gypsy cabs each way, and I did it myself. It was when I really started getting into traveling alone  to “off the beaten track” destinations, which I’d always been interested in, but they always seemed a bit out of reach. Since that trip, I try not to let myself get too much in my head about whether or not something seems “too crazy,” because solo lady travelers can do anything they want.

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    Do you prefer traveling alone or with a companion? Why?

    I can have the best afternoons exploring a city or a mountain at my own pace. I do get lost very easily, though, and it’s great to have a buddy who generally knows where north is, especially in more secluded areas. I’ve also been lucky enough to have had travel companions who will push me to do something I may not have picked out or found out about myself, and those have always ended up being great experiences. But when traveling alone, I meet more locals and am flexible enough to be a bit more spontaneous, so right now I prefer flying solo.

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    What's your favorite mode of transportation? Why?

    Trains. The rocking relaxes me, and there’s space to walk around and make yourself relatively comfortable over long periods of time (for the most part). I’ve had some great naps and met some great travel buddies on trains.

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    What's the most underrated destination in your opinion?

    Eastern Europe is one of my favorite areas, particularly the Balkans. It’s full of beautiful mountains and sea, and it has a complex history, good beer, great people, and awesome food. The transport and hostel culture makes it especially easy to travel through for budget backpackers who plan their trips on a whim one leg at a time, and that’s my favorite way to travel.