Lee Atkinson

Lee Atkinson, freelance travel writer, photographer and author of 13 books, including nine books and two smartphone apps about travelling in and around Australia, has just completed an epic 10-month road trip driving 40,000 of the country's roughest, toughest and dustiest kilometres on a lap of mainland Australia. So she knows exactly where to go if you want to beat the crowds. Lee has been writing about her adventures for major Australian newspapers and travel magazines since 1991, and her latest books are The Big Lap and Driving Holidays Around Australia. Former editor of the country's highest circulating motoring and travel magazine, The Open Road and a Life Member (and past president) of the Australian Society of Travel Writers, there's not much of Australia that she hasn't seen and not many roads she hasn't travelled, although she admits to being a hard core road trip junky. "Any excuse to hit the road is a good one," she says. "And if it's a road less travelled, well, that's even better."

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