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Grahame is a seasoned content writer working across travel and hospitality. His 30-year writing career includes editorial development in the travel sector for outlets including eGlobal media, copywriting, feature articles, case studies/testimonials and online content for travel operators, hotels and resorts as well as 5-star restaurants and corporates. He is Chief Writer at Savage Communications. He was the Australian Director of Bite Communications. He is a graduate of the University of Canberra, and the University of Technology Sydney. Grahame travels widely.

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    What's the most underrated destination in your opinion?

    Otres 2, Sihanoukville, Cambodia. This is a high value, low cost relaxed beach location that offers great food, rest and accommodation. Sure, not as pristine as a Thailand beach but quieter and much, much cheaper. It is also safe and friendly.

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    What is the most important thing you've learned from traveling?

    You don’t need more ‘stuff’ in your life than you can comfortably carry. Travel teaches you to focus on necessities that you actually use. Is there anything more irritating than arriving home with clothes and shoes never worn the whole time you were away?

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    What's your favorite mode of transportation? Why?

    Flying. Most often you get to where you want to go quickly and efficiently. The culture shock when you arrive at your destination is exciting. Sitting at airports and on a flight under eight hours creates time to think, read, write, plan and relax. You also meet people from different worlds.

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    Do you prefer traveling alone or with a companion? Why?

    Having a good travel buddy is a bonus. You have someone to share experiences, defray costs, and help out when things go awry…the old two heads thing. To make it work you need to spend regular time apart. No two people traveling will always want to do the same thing at the same time. So factor in set times to get back together to recount experiences and plan new adventures. Eating solo when traveling can be a drag.