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For the past decade, Dale Konstanz has been riding around in tuk tuks, eating tom yum goong religiously, and getting pushed and pulled by Thai masseurs in Bangkok. What first brought him here was the opportunity to teach in an international design program, but what has kept him here is the ability to explore Thailand and the rest of Asia, as well as pursue a host of creative projects revolving around art, photography, writing, and travel. Besides giving advice to fellow travelers, Dale maintains the blog, Still Life in Moving Vehicles, and is the author of Thai Taxi Talismans, a coffee table book focusing on the lucky charms inside Bangkok cabs.  

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    What is the most important thing you've learned from traveling?

    Traveling has taught me to cut myself more slack and accept the inevitability of making mistakes and getting lost. You never know what you’re going to discover when you take the wrong turn!

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    What's your most exciting or surprising travel experience?

    Once, while traveling in Myanmar, my travel companions who planned the trip, forgot to mention that we were about to embark on a Buddhist pilgrimage up the side of a mountain at night during a rainstorm. Had they told me sooner, I could have prepared the proper clothing and shoes. But upon waking up the next morning after crashing in the spartan accommodations on the top of the mountain, the spectacular view of Kyaiktiyo pagoda, a huge gold gilt rock precariously balanced on top of the mountain, made the grueling journey completely worthwhile.